As managers’ skills increase, and overall uplift and update in all team members can more easily be achieved. This programme is designed to support employees to develop their communication skills and well-being in ways that create better performance and engagement throughout the company.

Too often, staff wellbeing is dealt with as something separate to – or even in competition with – getting on with our day-to-day work. It’s approached either as an afterthought, or as something that takes our attention away from being productive. 

We don’t see it this way. 

Rather than focusing on wellbeing in isolation from getting the work done, we believe that in improving the way we work together, wellbeing naturally improves.

This training programme combines wellbeing and professional development techniques that support individuals and teams in their day-to-day tasks.

As individuals feel heard, feel progress towards their personal goals, and are more comfortable to be themselves at work, their sense of engagement and productivity naturally increase.

The program can be delivered in person or online, and will contain a variety of whole team training and small group facilitated sessions.

The usual format includes 3 x 90min whole group training sessions with additional smaller facilitated integration groups.

Specific topics we can focus on include:

  • Setting professional boundaries that create focus and effective ways of working. People also learn to take responsibility for their own professional growth
  • Skilful communication that is clear and direct, helps tackle and resolve conflict, and leads to increased efficiency in ways of working.
  • Learning emotional intelligence and personal resilience by building trust, embracing experimentation, and handling failure with composure.
  • Getting the most out of 1-1s with strategies for efficient meetings, getting the most out of management conversations, and ensuring that you are feeling heard and valued
  • Building psychological safety within yourself, peers, and with your managers and the wider team, and welcoming an appropriate level of vulnerability into your ways of working.

Key outcomes from our communication and personal development training for employees:

Book an initial conversation to explore how we could help you

A chance for us to hear what’s unique about you and understand the needs of your team. These conversations help us both discover what kind of intervention would be most useful, and give us a chance to establish trust and mutual understanding.

Our coaching and training process

We’ve delivered team days for 100’s of people with clear objectives and excellent outcomes. 

You can trust us with your team.


We talk about the challenges your team are facing

We connect and talk; listening and learning what’s unique about you and the needs of your team. These conversations help us both discover what kind of intervention would be most useful and give us a chance to establish trust and mutual understanding.


We run a small test to find out if there’s a fit

We run a small trial with some of your team and/or survey your people to gather insight. We work in an adaptive and collaborative way that meets your needs; this trial session helps ensure that we are delivering at a level appropriate for your team.


We deliver our services through training and coaching

In person or online, we initiate delivery by engaging your workforce in sessions that are meaningful and pitched at the appropriate level. You’re supported through the entire process, we’re always on call to make adjustments and respond to feedback.


We ensure that learning outcomes are embedded

Participants receive follow up resources, ‘homework’ guidance for between sessions, and are invited to follow up small group (4-6 people) facilitated conversations. Together we enable your people to feel confident and supported when integrating new ways of working.


We review and (hopefully) plan another project together

We understand you want a good relationship with your training provider and at this stage we’ll both know if we’re ‘right’ to continue working together. We care about our impact, together we’ll evaluate the programme we’ve delivered and explore whether there’s a next step together.

We are Treeka consulting

We are a a small but mighty team of consultants based in the South West of England. Let us be your guides as we build capacity within your organisation.

Christina Lynch is a coach and facilitator with a passion for leadership development and organisational health. Chris has has been working internationally across the coaching industry for 12 years developing a unique approach to individual, team and organisational consultancy. 

Read more about our team and to meet the other founders here…


"I come out of every session with a new focus, energy and clarity. So valuable!"
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