Kind words from our clients

We take pride in delivering our services to the highest standards, and to partnering closely with our clients to ensure high quality solutions throughout our work.

Here are a few testimonials from previous and current clients. We’re happy to put you in touch with people we’ve delivered coaching and training to in the past if you’d like to hear about the experience directly from them.

Treeka delivered a very tailored experience for us here at Leap. The outcomes (values aligned, honest conversations, team unity, clear vision) were the things that helped make the day a really important highlight in our year.

Simon Thomason, Managing Director, Leap

I feel positive, inspired and hopeful. We’ve got a really clear path; everybody in the team can take responsibility for the direction their career is going. I feel we’ve opened up a new trajectory that will be very impactful.

Alex Holliman, Managing Director and Founder, Climbing Trees

We have made significant progress in changing the group mindset within the business to a more collaborative, flatter culture working together for shared success.

This has helped us to be resilient through the challenges of 2020-21, significantly improve financial performance of the business, raise the standard of work we can deliver to our clients to even higher levels, and attract more dream clients.

Tom Greenwood, Managing Director and Founder, Wholegrain Digital

I came into these sessions having no idea what to expect, this was my first type of leadership training. I have found the group sessions and 1-2-1’s so valuable for my growth and also confidence within myself as a lead. I really love Treeka’s approach to this type of training – it’s about giving us the tools, rather than the answers. The sessions are very reflective and have given me a boost of enthusiasm to take back into my working day, I feel I have a better perspective and some fresh ideas. I would recommend these sessions to anyone within a leadership role, this type of role comes with many challenges and you can sometimes feel like you are battling them alone. Coming together with other leads in our company has been great for morale and we have learnt from each other, as well as from Treeka.

Laura Tyler, Delivery Lead, Reddico

Treeka were very supportive, empathetic and knowledgable in leadership. Their passion and enthusiasm for wanting to improve your leadership skills are second to none and I personally feel that I’ve come away learning key tools I will use in my day to day. For anyone looking to brush up on their own skills, have a space to talk about all things leadership and to have what’s needed to succeed, I would recommend Treeka highly.

Department Lead, Reddico