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As in most work; the relationship comes first. We’re always keen to talk with people curious about building good culture. We promise no sales or marketing chat; just a good old conversation.

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Prefer to book straight in for a call? Let's explore how we could help you.

A chance for us to hear what’s unique about you and understand the needs of your team. These conversations help us both discover what kind of intervention would be most useful, and give us a chance to establish trust and mutual understanding.

First steps: what to expect

Step 1: Initial chat

We connect for an initial conversation to help us understand your current situation. You can ask any questions, and we get clear on what challenges we could solve for you.


  • clarity on your current team challenges and opportunities
  • understanding our approach, training and experience

A more in depth consultation discussing the details of our engagement where we think about budget, time-scale, and dates. Together we plan a possible first step


  • defining the direction and scale of our work together
  • look at costs and decide what’s possible within your budget
  • agree on a potential start date and session plan

We confirm the first part of our engagement and a deposit payment is taken. At this point we might book a trial session, send our a staff survey, or conduct interviews with a variety stakeholders.


  • we understand your team more fully and before initiating delivery
  • team members feel supported and are aligned with our work
  • session dates are confirmed and training topics finalised