About us

Treeka is a new form of organisational consultancy helping businesses thrive in the growing complexity of the 21st Century.

Founded by Christopher Hardy, Thomas Arta and Tom Greenwood, Treeka delivers both human and organisational growth.

Christopher Hardy

Chris is busy working out if there’s such a thing as a ‘Cultural Architect’ as that’s what he feels his job is. He’s developmental lead in Wholegrain Digital and has been working internationally across the coaching industry for 12 years developing a unique approach to individual, team and organisational consultancy.


Thomas Arta

Thomas is a leadership coach and facilitator combining transformative work with a background in mindfulness and developmental psychology. He’s facilitated group processes across year-long time spans and loves nothing more than powerful and meaningful spaces of collective learning and growth.


Tom Greenwood

Tom is the co-founder of the digital agency Wholegrain Digital, with 14 years at the pioneering edge of sustainable business. He’s author of the book, Sustainable Web Design, and is sought out globally for his perspective on leadership, sustainability and tech industry trends.