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We coach leaders, train teams and facilitate learning and change through close partnering with your organisation.
We are long-term partners in the transformation of your culture.

We recently delivered this event in Bristol. Another similar workshop will happen soon…

Examples of our recent work:

Climbing Trees are a BCorp based just north of London. We ran a three month programme supporting the team to take on more responsibility in their roles.

Leap are design agency with strong values in sustainability and ethical marketing. Earlier in 2022 we worked with them to craft a culture manifesto giving their team a ‘North Star’ to work towards.

At Wholegrain Digital we play a ‘resident team coach’ role enabling new kinds of leadership. We’ve recently been shortlisted for a ‘Culture Pioneers‘ award by HR Zone which (while remaining humble) we’re really proud of!

Kind words from leaders of these organisations:

Chris delivered a very tailored experience for us here at Leap. The outcomes (values aligned, honest conversations, team unity, clear vision) were the things that helped make the day a really important highlight in our year.

Simon Thomason, Managing Director, Leap

I feel positive, inspired and hopeful. We’ve got a really clear path; everybody in the team can take responsibility for the direction their career is going. I feel we’ve opened up a new trajectory that will be very impactful.

Alex Holliman, Managing Director and Founder, Climbing Trees

We have made significant progress in changing the group mindset within the business to a more collaborative, flatter culture working together for shared success.

This has helped us to be resilient through the challenges of 2020-21, significantly improve financial performance of the business, raise the standard of work we can deliver to our clients to even higher levels, and attract more dream clients.

Tom Greenwood, Managing Director and Founder, Wholegrain Digital

We’re proud to be short listed by HR Zone for their Learning Award and recognised as culture pioneer in 2022. Things they particularly loved about our work include:

  • Regular employee discussions and surveys to help identify, and address, gaps in business critical capabilities.
  • Working 1-1 across the team to help up-skill individuals to function better in a complex working environment.
  • Increasing profits by 20% year on year alongside rising levels of customer loyalty due to more effective collaboration across the team.

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Coaching outdoors inspires a broad perspective and deep reflection.

I come out of every session with a new focus, energy and clarity. So valuable!

Tech Lead at a busy London

Working together.

We want to help you get the most out of your employees. It can be painful to recognise employees are not meeting their potential. Our services help you directly address the complex demands of running a high performing team.

More is being asked of our modern business leaders than ever before.

Treeka develops leaders and teams who are better able to deal with complexity and are more prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

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