We are cultural architects helping teams work better.

We coach leaders and their teams to build better cultures.

(sometimes we do our coaching in the wild!)

Leading in uncertainty

It need not be repeated; we live in uncertain and wild times. More is being asked of our modern business leaders than ever before. We also need more robust organisations, and healthier, more engaged people. 

Treeka develops leaders and teams who are better able to deal with complexity and ambiguity.

Leaders who can ask different questions, create good cultures, and take on the challenges of the future.

A growth culture

We bring adult development theory to teams enabling members to define and progress along their unique growth trajectory. Our coaching approach supports the whole team to grow and transform together.

Emergent leadership

We help leaders facilitate the emergence of problem solving and leadership from all parts of the system. We align organisations with self-management principles enabling an effective and cohesive team.

Wellbeing and resilience

We train teams to be more resilient through fostering good wellbeing practices and approaches. A healthy and focused team means better problem solving and an enhanced capacity to experiment.

Coaching outdoors inspires a broad perspective and deep reflection.

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