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We train teams and facilitate change in close partnership with your organisation.

Together we create a work environment where your team thrives and individuals meet their full potential.

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You care about your people, and so do we.

You’re in HR, or perhaps you’re a Director with a responsibility for the people in your team. We want to help you get the most out of your employees.

We know it’s challenging when your employees aren’t meeting their full potential, despite everyone’s best efforts. It’s hard to witness people feeling stuck, and the negative impacts on team efficiency and mental health.

Our services help you tackle the complex demands of running a high-performing team. We develop employees, and in particular managers, who are then better able to succeed in the face of the challenges of their role.

Our training and coaching supports:

Manager training is often insufficient in developing the ‘softer’ people skills they need for the job, with ‘bad managers’ being one of the top reasons people cite for leaving their job.

People are expected to just get on with it once they’re promoted into management; they were great at their job – surely they’ll be a great manager too. Right?

Imagine a team of managers with high-quality and direct communication, excellent leadership skills, and core coaching competencies. We can help you build that.

Leaders often assume that effective communication and management skills are obvious; that people are able to do these aspects of the role without specialist training.

In fact, it turns out that a study into ‘accidental managers’ found that above 50% of managers claimed they had had no formal management or leadership training.

We offer training and coaching to support your managers with the unique skills their role calls for:

  • Coaching and developing their reports
  • Efficient decision-making
  • Hosting great 1-1’s
  • Giving honest and constructive feedback

We believe that issues like high turnover or low engagement are addressed by improving management skills, communication, and staff wellbeing.

What can you expect from our training and coaching?


Your line managers will feel more confident and capable in the complex, interpersonal areas of their role. They will be better holding challenging conversations and implementing clear boundaries with their direct reports.

Managers will have increased job satisfaction as they develop the leadership skills they need to support their teams. They will develop in many areas, including learning how to:

  • Hold high-quality 1-1 conversations
  • Coach their reports to help solve problems
  • Give and receive feedback so that everybody grows

Management training will dovetail effectively into existing manager support programmes and people development processes. Our coaching interventions will increase engagement with the systems you already have, rather than competing with them.

"I come out of every session with a new focus, energy and clarity. So valuable!"
Tech Lead
Busy London

We understand the challenges that you face

Your people are not able to give their full potential at work, with surveys and exit interviews bringing staff satisfaction issues to the surface. And you recognise a core part of the challenge is the competency of your managers.

All too often managers feel out of their depth and are under-trained. This means they’re unable to support their reports in meaningful ways; issues are frequently escalated to HR or director level, and teams are under-performing.

You’ve tried to put management training and improved people processes in place, but they’re not having a deep enough impact.

 What is the underlying issue here? Where is the leverage point to shift your team to a more productive and happy workplace?

We are Treeka consulting

Based in the South West of the UK we are a small (but mighty) team of two; Chris and Christina. We’re certified coaches who bring our backgrounds in teaching, facilitation and corporate work to the way that we deliver.

Christina Lynch is a coach and facilitator with a passion for leadership development and organisational health. Chris has has been working internationally across the coaching industry for 12 years developing a unique approach to individual, team and organisational consultancy. 

Read more about our team and to meet the other founders here…


Our values

We believe that people should want to come to work. Our programmes help you develop people to meet their potential.

We teach core skills in management, leadership, communication and wellbeing that help teams transform into productive and healthy places to work.

Investing in developing people and taking good care of them leads to higher productivity and ultimately profitability. It’s a win-win.

Book an initial conversation to explore how we could help you

A chance for us to hear what’s unique about you and understand the needs of your team. These conversations help us both discover what kind of intervention would be most useful, and give us a chance to establish trust and mutual understanding.

We provide specialist support for people in HR

You’re an HR or people person – and we are here to support you. We understand that you want a good relationship with your training provider. We’re personal and collaborative and are happy to work according to your needs.

We know how to deliver at an appropriate level for your team’s needs. Together we can build an engaged and satisfied team where people love to show up for work.

Imagine what your workplace would look and feel like with a coaching and feedback culture in place. We can help you build that.

We’re proud to be short listed by HR Zone for their Learning Award and recognised as culture pioneer in 2022. Things they particularly loved about our work include:

  • Regular employee discussions and surveys to help identify, and address, gaps in business critical capabilities.


  • Working 1-1 across the team to help up-skill individuals to function better in a complex working environment.


  • Increasing profits by 20% year on year alongside rising levels of customer loyalty due to more effective collaboration across the team.
"The work undertaken and facilitated by Treeka has been extremely valuable and beneficial."
Simon Thomason
Managing Director, Leap

Examples of our past work include:

Climbing Trees are a BCorp based just north of London. We ran a three month programme supporting the team to take on more responsibility in their roles. 

We worked with produced 3 full day workshops working with their team of 18 people. These days were split between teaching, facilitating and coaching. During the three month engagement we worked 1-1 with their department leads to embed learning into their ways of working.

Leap are design agency with strong values in sustainability and ethical marketing. Earlier in 2022 we worked with them to craft a culture manifesto giving their team a ‘North Star’ to work towards. 

With took the team at Leap on a deep dive into their values, beliefs and behaviours; the very stuff of their cultural DNA. This exercise surfaced a deep sense of alignment, motivation and created clarity on their upcoming work projects and engagements.

We coached the team at Wholegrain Digital for 3 years. We helped enable new kinds of leadership, better feedback conversations, and developed a stronger core to the organisation.

Working together:

We want to help you get the most out of your employees. It’s challenging to recognise employees aren’t meeting their potential despite everyone’s best efforts. Our services help you directly address the complex demands of running a high performing team.

More is being asked of our modern business leaders than ever before.

Treeka develops leaders and teams who are better able to deal with complexity and are more prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

Our services

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