How could we help you work together better?

That’s the key focus in all that we offer; working together better. To help you work together we support you with things like:

  • internal team communication
  • leadership coaching
  • feedback training

Whatever the approach needed, we can provide a solution that will reduce stress while improving team effectiveness. We strive to make our work inclusive and offer our services at affordable prices.

We’re always happy to make new connections and help you make sense of the current challenges you’re facing, whether we’re the right people to help you or not. Book a short conversation here to get the ball rolling.

Learn to communicate better as a team

Communication is the heart and soul of so much of the work that many of us do. Whether that’s giving or receiving feedback, inviting clients to a pitch, sharing your vision with the organisation, or deciding on where your boundaries lie; all these require good communication.

Our unique approach to communication training will engage your team and help develop trust and psychological safety. We’ll have fun, grow together, and leave your with practical tools and tips for enhancing your team’s communication.

Specific things we could focus on together include (but are not limited to):

  • improving your feedback mechanisms through clear approaches to generating more consistent and better quality feedback within your team.
  • learning to listen in new ways that enable problem solving and solutions to arise with less stress and more ease and mutual understanding
  • using generosity, boundaries and accountability to build trust and psychological safety so that you can perform well in high-pressure situations

Curious to learn to communicate better within your team? Book a call here.

Team Coaching

We help values driven organisations do better work

  • Discover where your cultural ‘bind-spots’ are and get to work making practical changes
  • Create ways to enhance productivity and learn how to reconnect in our post Covid world
  • Respond to the needs of your team and enable leaders to emerge from across your system

We help good organisations build brilliant cultures

Learn from adult development and complexity theory how to build a great workplace culture

Grow together by learning to communicate in new ways that enhance personal and organisational growth

Become more resilient through wellbeing practices that support experimentation and problem solving.

1-1 Coaching

We help values driven leaders have more impact

  • Discover where you are held back and how to move into new levels of leadership 
  • Create a sustainable approach to wellbeing and personal growth with long-term vision
  • Respond to modern leadership demands with a broad perspective and systemic approach

There are three routes to our 1-1 work

  • 1 day leadership immersive experiences in person in the UK
  • Six month leadership developmental journeys in person or online
  • Three month mentorship programs (by invitation only)

Our first step is for us to understand more of your context and current needs. We work in unique ways and enjoy exploratory conversations to see if there is a fit or not.

We promise no sales pitch or ‘off the shelf’ programmes.

Book a call HERE.