Is it possible to create a nourishing workplace?

This post is about the (possibly lofty) exploration of work being nourishing for the whole individual. Previously we’ve explored the notion of personal growth as an important and financially viable approach to growing your agency. In this article we take this further and explore the notion of nourishing work as having its own inherent value. Why […]

How to create a culture that supports ’emergent leadership’.

This post explores why fostering the conditions for emergent leadership is an essential move in creating a meaningful and productive workplace culture. We explore this topic in three parts: 1. What it is, 2. Why it’s important and 3. How to create it. 1. What is emergent leadership? Emergent leadership is when a member of […]

What we learnt by using adult development theory in forming Treeka.

We are living in an increasingly complex world. One which is demanding new kinds of leadership and new ways of working in teams. This article explores how using the lens of adult development theory we are better able to thrive in this environment. In the forming of Treeka Consulting myself and the other two founders […]