Create leaders around you by making good invitations

When considering how we can improve the leadership within our teams, one of the under-appreciated skills is that of making good invitations. An invitation means you’re asking somebody to take on a role, to do something, to grow into a new position. The skill of making good invitations is an important part of great leadership.  […]

There’s more than one way to grow a business

Tom Greenwood (Founder of Wholegrain Digital) suggests that a focus on personal growth is the best way to achieve conventional business success. If I was Managing Director of any other company, I probably would have been fired a long time ago. In a world where businesses are obsessed with growth, I have spent much of […]

Embracing neurodiversity – and why it’s your team’s secret sauce.

Inclusion and diversity and essential to a high functioning workplace. In this article we explore and often under-appreciated dimension of diversity – the difference in how we think. Neurodiversity refers to the difference in the way people’s minds are made, and the resulting difference in how they think and learn. It’s often missed as a […]

Building culture in a co-working space

Most days I love coming to work. That’s because I believe I work in one of the best studios in the world. Studio One in Frome, Somerset is on the bottom floor of the Silk Mill. There’s a few of us friends who effectively share the rent and space. Amongst us we’ve an architect (yes, […]

How to create a culture that supports ’emergent leadership’.

This post explores why fostering the conditions for emergent leadership is an essential move in creating a meaningful and productive workplace culture. We explore this topic in three parts: 1. What it is, 2. Why it’s important and 3. How to create it. 1. What is emergent leadership? Emergent leadership is when a member of […]

Why the future of HR needs to look quite different.

The role of HR is changing. This article explores the traditional function of HR in comparison to the modern demands on the role and takes a look at the rise in the “Head of Culture” role. I argue that culture building efforts are essential for organisational success. I believe it’s a mistake to assume that […]

End of Year Reflection: A Team Culture Review

The overview Workplace culture is a topic every team or business is aware of, and even more so in the last years. But what is it? And why is it so important? We’re offering the chance to get together with other business leaders keen on building a good culture. Reflect on this past year, make […]

Post-Mortem of a ‘Failed’ Launch Event

This article analyses a recent launch event for Treeka giving insight into the complex challenges of putting your idea ‘out there’. There are two parts: What are not seeing now that, after the event itself, we’re going to wish we had seen? Said the intelligent entrepreneur We carefully asked ourselves this (million dollar) question in […]

Why we’re investing in becoming a developmental workplace.

This post is co-written by Tom Greenwood and Chris Hardy, with contributions from Vineeta Greenwood and Roxanne Sun. The original version of this post was published to the Wholegrain Digital blog in August 2020. I’m reposting this here now as it’s this story that has led to the ultimate formation of Treeka Consulting. There’s a launch event for […]