Culture Leadership

Post-Mortem of a ‘Failed’ Launch Event

This article analyses a recent launch event for Treeka giving insight into the complex challenges of putting your idea ‘out there’. There are two parts: What (not) to do when it comes to your launch event – and some of the lessons we’ve learnt about what to do instead Why a traditional approach to a […]


The Wholegrain case study: creating cultural architecture at Wholegrain.

This article explores the journey that Tom Greenwood and Christopher Hardy have been on in creating positive culture change within Wholegrain Digital from June 2020 to the present day.  We look at:  the initial challenges and pain points behind the role being created  the approach taken and the cultural architecture built the benefits of the […]


Why we’re investing in becoming a developmental workplace.

This post is co-written by Tom Greenwood and Chris Hardy, with contributions from Vineeta Greenwood and Roxanne Sun. The original version of this post was published to the Wholegrain Digital blog in August 2020. I’m reposting this here now as it’s this story that has led to the ultimate formation of Treeka Consulting. There’s a launch event for […]

Vertical Development

What we learnt by using the lens of adult development theory in forming Treeka.

We are living in an increasingly complex world. One which is demanding new kinds of leadership and new ways of working in teams. This article explores how using the lens of adult development theory we are better able to thrive in this environment. In the forming of Treeka Consulting myself and the other two founders […]