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End of Year Reflection: A Team Culture Review

The overview

Workplace culture is a topic every team or business is aware of, and even more so in the last years. But what is it? And why is it so important?

We’re offering the chance to get together with other business leaders keen on building a good culture.

Reflect on this past year, make sense of where your team or business culture is at now, and harvest learnings to help accurately set in place plans for a successful 2022.

Join Chris and Melissa, Culture Nerds, on the 20th OR the 22nd of December for an online ‘End of Year Reflection – A Team Culture Review’  to:

  • Learn: about company culture along with other leaders who care about creating resilient and sustainable work cultures
  • Reflect: on what a resilient and healthy team culture is for you, and what is or isn’t working for your team
  • Explore: how rhythms and rituals can support your team to implement lasting and effective change for you

Why team culture is important

Modern work presents many challenges; disengaged employees, strained mental health, unproductive team dynamics which can often lead to loss of talented colleagues.

Problems like these can be hard to solve as they are complex. To tackle these kinds of challenges we believe in introducing rhythms and rituals that support the sustainability of a strong healthy culture.

A healthy culture takes time to develop and learning how to use the rhythms of the year and certain well-placed rituals can work well. These rituals can include things like onboarding, celebrating project milestones, feedback and performance reviews, and participatory decision making.

Leaders and teams need time to reflect, learn and grow together.  We believe in doing so intentionally, with the support of tools and models specifically developed to support a more participatory culture.

Our Invitation 

On the 20th or the 22nd of December at 11.30am (GMT), we invite you to our ‘End of Year Reflection – A Team Culture Review.

Please register your interest HERE – we will then get back in touch with you with further booking instructions. 

This session is designed to support team leaders that wish to create and maintain a culture that fits the needs of everybody touched by that culture. 

We are limiting spaces to12. In order to best design the session we ask that you share some information in our registration form here.

Alternative Possibilities: 

If you can’t make this session we can also offer bespoke sessions for you and your teams. 

  • Team coaching designed for you and your team
  • Individual coaching for a participatory culture 
  • In real life reflection in London or Stockholm 

We are available to coach and facilitate in English, French & Swedish

Please get in touch if you want more information.